Keynote: First Descent: Indian Ocean 2019-2022

Oliver Steeds presents First Descent: Indian Ocean 2019-2022, a series of Expeditions to explore and conserve the world's most unknown and least protected ocean, the Indian Ocean. From submersibles to ROVs, from sensors to camera systems, Teledyne Marine's Sea of Solutions have been deployed through the mission to conduct multidisciplinary research and amplify ocean awareness. During the first Expedition: First Descent: Seychelles 2019, the mission partnered with Associated Press and Sky to broadcast a series of world firsts from the submersibles including a live documentary series, newscasts and a Presidential Address. The Seychelles' President's live broadcast became the largest news story of the day and Associated Press estimated that coverage of the Mission across TV, print and digital reached 3.5billion people.

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