Using Multibeam SONAR Technology Through the Life of Marine Construction Projects

In marine construction projects, work is often done “in the blind”. Using multibeam SONAR technology can aid this process in all phases of the project. Pre-construction scans can provide a base line look at an area. This can help put real numbers on quantities as well as highlight any anomalies in the project area that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This additional information increases the accuracy of estimates and the effectiveness of planning. During the construction phase, multibeam SONARs mounted on construction barges can provide real-time progress updates allowing the operator to work with the most up to date information. The SONAR data integrates seamlessly with marine construction machine guidance software to create a total solution package. In the Post-construction phase, multibeam SONARs can be used to create As-Built surfaces of the finished product as well as validate that build specifications were met. This presentation provides recent, real-world examples of multibeam SONAR use during marine construction project phases as described.

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Presented by:
Nathan Keys
at Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop 2019

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