JASCO Acoustic Monitoring for Slocum Gliders

Teledyne Webb Research (TWR) and JASCO Applied Sciences have collaborated in the development of a near real-time Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) capability utilizing TWR's slocum glider fitted with JASCO's OceanObserver payload. This capability was demonstrated in Q3 2018 in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada searching for North Atlantic Right Whales. The unique capabilities of this payload when integrated with the Slocum platform will be described. The Observer payload is applicable to other Teledyne platforms and can be integrated with many Teledyne sensors. JASCO’s ongoing development work with TWR, Reson and ODI will be mentioned. This talk should be of interest to anyone involved in mitigating the effects of underwater noise on marine environments, underwater acoustics, anti-submarine warfare or the use of Slocum gliders.

Speaker bio:
John Moloney is the Engineering and Business Development Manager for JASCO Applied Sciences in Dartmouth, NS. John is responsible for product related IR&D, production and the maintenance of JASCO’s equipment inventory. John is also responsible for business development and marketing at JASCO. John uses his underwater acoustics engineering expertise to enable JASCO to better serve its customers. John is a passionate advocate for providing marine businesses with the required information to enable them to conduct their marine industrial activities with minimal environmental impact. John hobbies include sailing, flying, gliding/soaring, hockey and golf. John and his Wife Trudy, own a cottage on Grand Lake, NS where he can often be found sailing his Tanzer 22 “Wango Tango”.

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