SS Leslie aka The Carol Lee Wreck

SS Leslie The SS Leslie was built in 1919 in Duluth, Michigan, as the Lake Flagstaff. She later sailed under the names Stella Lykes and Josephine, before being renamed Leslie. She was 251 feet long, had a 44 foot beam and displaced 2,609 gross tons. The Leslie was owned by Worth Steamship Company of New York and was under the command of Captain Albert Ericksson. On April 12, 1942, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-123. At the time she was en route from Antilla, Cuba, to New York with a cargo of 3,300 tons of sugar. Out of a complement of 31 crew and one passenger, four of her crew were lost.Today the Leslie wreck sits in 80 feet of water, 21 miles off Port Canaveral.

 The wreck was surveyed in two passes and processed with PDS2000 grid model editor. It was surveyed with Land and Sea's research vessel " The Beast" a 40 foot Sea Ark. We used a Knogsberg MRU 5 motion sensor,an ADU5 Magellan heading device and a magellan RTK sub centimeter GPS system.

Sonar Used: SeaBat 7125

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