Wreck Survey In 600m Of Water

The video shows a WWI merchant vessel sunk using charges after surrendering to a German U-Boat. The bow separated from the vessel during its 600m decent to the seabed and lies half a kilometre away. No lives were lost.The video shows the 90m long main and stern section of the hull with a fishing net draped over the port side.

The survey was carried out using a 4 ton negatively buoyant platform usually used as a grab for cargo removal. The platform was equipped with a Reson 8125, CDL MiniPOSNAV3 inertial navigation system and Tritech Bathy suite and was tracked from the surface using an IXSEA GAPS USBL.The platform was suspended through the moonpool at 590m depth and survey lines were run around the wreck. The data shows a small heave artefact. This is due to the platform being directly connected to the surface vessel and suffering the same heave. The data quality was excellent so only a small amount of point removal was needed. The xyz file was then displayed in Cloud Compare and lighting applied to enhance the detail.

Sonar used: RESON SeaBAt 8125 with 1500m rated head.

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