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Teledyne Marine Webinars

Case Studies in Ocean Currents and Communications

297 views January 14, 2021

Join Paul Devine as he highlights real-world oceanographic applications using Teledyne Marine products. In the first scenario, Paul will highlight the use of Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Modems and Directional Acoustic Transducers for coordinating...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

TM Academic Grant Winner - Samer Ahmed - PathFinder DVL

362 views July 29, 2020

Ain Shams University Product grant: Teledyne RDI Pathfinder DVL Designing and implementing an EKF SLAM module for an autonomous underwater vehicle by fusing a set of hardware sensors along with the dynamic model of the vehicle to achieve very...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

ADCP Data Dive into the Mississippi

455 views June 18, 2020

Looking for tips about analyzing and interpreting ADCP data? Why not join us for the next episode of our continuing series of ADCP data webinars? Our host Paul Devine, joined by guest Dr. Peter Spain, will examine ADCP data sections of highly...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Measuring Extreme Nearshore Storm Waves Off the Irish Coast

377 views June 04, 2020

Professor Dias will present a statistical analysis of nearshore waves observed during two major North–East Atlantic storms in 2015 and 2017. Surface elevations were measured with a 5-beam acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) at relatively...