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SeaBat F50 data

2,264 views November 23, 2018

The SeaBat F50 is a high-resolution forward-looking sonar system operating at 200kHz or 400kHz that illuminates a wide 140° horizontal sector ahead of the sonar head assembly. The SeaBat F50 may be mounted on a surface vessel, submarine, AUV or...

Case stories

Monitoring Basking Sharks in the waters of Coll in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland

1,074 views January 04, 2017

Biologists from Aberdeen University wanted to find out if sonar equipment could be used to learn more about the movements of basking sharks. Most of the current knowledge about basking sharks is based on what is visible at the surface and, as...

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SeaBat 7130 Sonar

3,930 views November 19, 2015

We conducted the first demonstrations of the SeaBat 7130 together with Teledyne PDS at the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Dieo, October 4-7. The SeaBat 7130 is our most advanced sonar providing long range 3D forward looking bathymetry...

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Herring-eating killer whales see with a SeaBat 7128

1,832 views November 29, 2013

Icelandic killer wales: the case of herring-eating killer whales Killer whales, as top predators can have important impacts on marine food webs, but understanding these impacts, particularly in the face of changing environmental conditions...

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Wreck survey of the HMS SCYLLA using a Seabat 7128

2,705 views February 10, 2012

Wreck survey of the HMS SCYLLA using a Seabat 7128 Get more info about the SeaBat 7128

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RESON SeaBat 8128 vs diver

2,140 views February 08, 2012

RESON SeaBat 8128 vs diver ' Note that the video i played in 4 x normal speed. Get information about the newer SeaBat 7128 forward looking sonar

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Sunken barge seen with a SeaBat 7128

1,971 views November 10, 2011

Sunken barge seen with a SeaBat 7128 in Copenhagen harbor Get more information about the SeaBat 7128

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Sheet piling on a quay side seen with a SeaBat 7128

1,857 views November 10, 2011

The steel sheet piling on the quay side in Copenhagen seen with a SeaBat 7128 multibeam echo sounder in September 2007.

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Underwater inspection of walk bridge using SeaBat 7128

2,079 views November 09, 2011

Underwater inspection of walk bridge made by Port of London using a RESON SeaBat 7128 multi-beam echo sounder paning sideways. Get more information about the SeaBat 7128

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Passing the Little Belt Bridge with a forward looking sonar.

2,792 views November 02, 2011

Passing a bridge pier of the old Little Belt Bridge from North to South with a RESON SeaBat 7128 forward looking sonar at a frequency of 400kHz. (Not 200 kHz as indicated in the video) On September 20th 2011 a couple of guys form the RESON...

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The base of an offshore windmill using SeaBat 7128 Multibeam echosounder

2,013 views August 09, 2011

A SeaBat 7128 imaging sonar is used for monitoring the installation of an offshore windmill. Working as an acoustic camera regardless the visibility in the water the SeaBat 7128 is here monitoring the base for the windmill at a frequency of...

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Diver detection with ADT software using SeaBat 7128

2,306 views August 09, 2011

Dectection of divers during trial at the NATO base in La Spezia using a SeaBat 7128 mulitbeam echosounder a RESON's Automated Detection and Tracking (ADT) software.

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Gray whales study - using SeaBat 8128 Multibeam echosonder

1,840 views August 03, 2011

RESON SeaBat 8128 multibeam sonar used to study the underwater behaviour of grey whales in a Mexican breeding lagoon. The study was made in March 2005 by Centre for Biomimetics and Natural Technologies, University of Bath and headed by William...

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Diver and mine detection using a SeaBat 7128

2,609 views June 08, 2011

Demonstration of a SeaBat 7128 imaging sonar used for diver and mine detection at Chicester, UK in February 2009. Get more info about the SeaBat 7128