AUV Gap Fill Sonar

The video clip demonstrates how BlueView’s 3D MicroBathymetry Sensor was adapted byHydroid, Inc. as part of an Atlas Elektronic UK project for the UK Ministry of Defence. TheBlueView MB2250 was integrated into a Hydroid REMUS 100 UUV section to provide highresolution 2D and 3D imagery filling the nadir gap typically associated with traditional sidescan systems. The Atlas Elektronik UK Classiphi software fuses the the BlueView gap-fillingsonar data with the side scan sonar data gathered by the REMUS 100 to provide Seamlessimagery across the entire swath. The fused sonar imagery results in wider area coverage todramatically improve coverage rates and reduce mission times. Further, the high-resolution3D data enables classification on targets of interest. The UK MOD has now contracted withHydroid to equip a Royal Navy REMUS 100 vehicle with BlueView’s MB2250 sonar.

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