Material Service Barge

The Material Service Barge. Sank in 1936 in a storm in Lake Michigan. Collins Engineers, Inc. provided 3-D imaging services to Indiana Department of Natural Resources: Coastal Protection Program to get a better understanding of wreck's position and condition on the lake bottom

Additional Information

Where was the image taken / the data collected ?: East of Calumet Harbor in the Indiana waters of Lake Michigan

When was image taken / the data collected ? : Spring 2015

Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: Teledyne Blueview MB1350-45

Which processing software was used ?:  Proscan, Hypack, and Cyclone

Tell us more about the survey and the data proccessing? - Mobile data was collected using a Blueview MB1350-45 and Hypack. Interior and under stern data was collected with diver assisted tripod placement with Blueview MB1350-45 and Proscan software.

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