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The Technological Evolution of Dredging

1,095 views December 03, 2019

From its inception in the late 1800's, the hydraulic, or pipeline, dredge has been the dominant machine used for near-shore and in-shore sediment transportation in the United States. These dredges were initially deployed to maintain sufficient...

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Teledyne RESON SeaBat T-Series Multibeam Sonars and Turbidity in Real-Time During Dredge Operations

458 views December 05, 2019

During most dredging operations, survey verification of having met grade and other contract requirements comes after the dredge has completed its work in a designated work area and hence moved on. What if the post-dredge survey reveals that the...

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The application of Teledyne RESON products in coastal area dredging works

587 views January 10, 2019

Dutch Dredging is using many Teledyne Reson products integrated in its vessels dredging systems. This presentation focusses on Teledyne Reson products that mix effortlessly in existing dredging systems, but also on what it can offer in the...

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Why Would You Put a Multibeam Sonar on a Construction Barge?

1,786 views December 15, 2017

Abstract: How can I use GPS – I need results in the field. I can't use RTK GPS because it's not accurate enough. Multibeam SONAR systems will never be affordable to anyone but government agencies. Why would you put a GPS unit on a bulldozer?...

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Teledyne Multibeam and Dredge Guidance Hardware and Software for Use in Bridge Demolition

2,111 views January 02, 2018

Abstract: A $4 Billion project in Tarrytown, New York to replace and demolish the Tappan Zee Bridge is utilizing many aspects of the Teledyne Dredge Guidance portfolio. Five excavators outfitted with Teledyne dredging software (PDS) will be...

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Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving Applications

1,935 views November 30, 2017

Presenter: Trevor Yocum Measutronics Abstract: Teledyne PDS software can be used for a variety of marine applications, both in construction and hydrographic surveying. This presentation will focus on a relatively new feature for the Teledyne...

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Perspectives on the State of Ocean Science

1,602 views November 08, 2017

Keynote presentation by Margaret Leinen The value and role of ocean science and innovation increasingly has been the focus of both international and domestic forums on climate science, sustainability, and defense. Now in its second century of...

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The Next Great Odyssey of Human Endeavour Exploring the Deep Ocean

1,583 views November 08, 2017

Keynote presentation by Oliver Steeds Humankind is poised to make the next giant leap – into the deep ocean. We now have the technology available to us to discover more of our planet in the next 10 years than we have in the last 100,000....

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Combined Laser/Multibeam Sonar Survey of Sydney Harbor

3,475 views April 29, 2016

By Dario Conforti - Teledyne Optech Combined Laser/Multibeam Sonar Survey of Sydney HarborTeledyne Optech has been a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced lidar instruments for 40 years. In the last few years Teledyne...

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Offshore wind parks: Solutions during wind park’s life-span

1,198 views October 27, 2014

Presentation given by Nico van Woerkom, Commercial Director, Teledyne-RESON BV at the Underwater Technology Seminar 2014 in Hamburg.

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Placing caissons the most accurate way using a range of sensors

1,396 views October 27, 2014

A case study from Venice, by Nico van Woerkom, Commercial Director, Teledyne RESON BV presented at The Underwater Technology Seminar in Hamburg 2014.

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Video paper: Pipeline surveying from a surface vessel in the Caspian sea

2,920 views November 22, 2013

Surface Vessel Based Multibeam Pipeline Inspection In a special collaboration between BP, Fugro Caspian and Teledyne RESON an unconventional approach was used to survey pipelines in the Caspian Sea. A vessel was outfitted with two pole mounts...