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Computing Discharge in Real Time using the Q-Track Automated Continuous Discharge Measurement System

169 views January 20, 2020

The Central Midwest Water Science Center has developed, installed, and operated an automatic system for computing discharge. The Q-Track system, as it is known, consists of a TRDI acoustic Doppler velocity meter (ADVM) attached to a carriage that...

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Measured Flow Disturbance Around Different ADCPs and Mounts

185 views January 21, 2020

NVE has mesured flow disturbance around various ADCPs and mounts/floats/trimarans to try to confirm or dispute previous studies by OSW, USGS. The background/reason for doing this is that after starting to use the OSW, USGS extrap/qrev software and...

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Using Multibeam SONAR Technology Through the Life of Marine Construction Projects

211 views December 05, 2019

In marine construction projects, work is often done “in the blind”. Using multibeam SONAR technology can aid this process in all phases of the project. Pre-construction scans can provide a base line look at an area. This can help put real numbers...

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The Technological Evolution of Dredging

945 views December 03, 2019

From its inception in the late 1800's, the hydraulic, or pipeline, dredge has been the dominant machine used for near-shore and in-shore sediment transportation in the United States. These dredges were initially deployed to maintain sufficient...

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Teledyne RESON SeaBat T-Series Multibeam Sonars and Turbidity in Real-Time During Dredge Operations

236 views December 05, 2019

During most dredging operations, survey verification of having met grade and other contract requirements comes after the dredge has completed its work in a designated work area and hence moved on. What if the post-dredge survey reveals that the...

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Keynote: First Descent: Indian Ocean 2019-2022

250 views November 13, 2019

Oliver Steeds presents First Descent: Indian Ocean 2019-2022, a series of Expeditions to explore and conserve the world's most unknown and least protected ocean, the Indian Ocean. From submersibles to ROVs, from sensors to camera systems, Teledyne...

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River sediment transport monitoring by means of H-ADCP.

836 views June 13, 2019

Monitoring stations in rivers and water courses are an important mean to obtain critical data about the different variables that play a role in the hydrodynamics and ecological processes. This is especially true during rough weather conditions...

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Experimental verification of underwater noise localization based on cylindrical near-field...

728 views March 19, 2019

To improve the stealthiness of underwater vehicles, or reduce impacts of vessels on the marine environment, it is necessary to identify their noise sources. Furthermore, the proper acoustic control and management of underwater noise radiation of...

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ADCP Data QA: Overview to Advanced (Oceanographic)

1,132 views February 12, 2019

Outline Overview of the ADCP Data Types Methodology for Data Reviewing: Key Data Quality IndicatorsReview of Example Data Sets from WH and Sentinel V ADCPs – Learn Data Displays: 2D Profiles, 2D Time Series, 3D Profiles, and 3D Time...

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Vessel Mounted ADCP: Installation Background, FAQ’s, and a case study of an OS38 in the South...

823 views February 12, 2019

Outline Go to: Vessel Mounted ADCP Requirements Go to: TRDI System Package Overview Go to: Example Vessels and Installations Go to: Block Diagram of ADCP Installations Go to: Do’s and Don’ts of ADCP Installation (Frequently Asked Questions) Go...

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IDH T-50, BV5000, and LiDAR Mobilization on a Fast Response USV for Canal Survey and Inspection

967 views February 06, 2019

The California Aqueduct is the principal water-conveyance structure of the California State Water Project. From the Sacramento River delta east of San Francisco, it runs south 444 miles (715 km) and is the world’s largest water-conveyance system....

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Survey, dredge monitoring, search and removal of objects and disposing of contaminated mud

434 views February 07, 2019

-Short presentation of the Port of Antwerp-Short presentation of the our surveyvessel "Echo" Built and tasks-dredging and processing contaminated mud, how we deal with it. Presenter: Kurt Stuyts Port of Antwerp

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Use of AUV in shallow water, return of experience and expectations.

902 views January 08, 2019

Using AUV since 2014 for shallow water survey mainly in West Africa in some of the most difficult area; zero visibility up to 4.5Kts surface current, ... We perform all the type of survey required by OG offshore construction (pre-lay, as-laid,...

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Survey and positioning in windfarm construction - the next level

655 views January 11, 2019

Showing the importance of using high grade survey equipment in reducing installation cost and time, as well as where survey plays a part where you least expect it, for example, when upending a monopile. Presenter: W. KanneworffVan Oord Offshore Wind

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Current and future applications of acoustic scanning in marine engineering surveys and inspections.

498 views January 11, 2019

The study highlights the advantages of using acoustic scanning in the survey of key walls, piles, defensive and other civil marine engineering structures, addresses existing and potential problems with this method and suggests a direction for...

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The application of Teledyne RESON products in coastal area dredging works

433 views January 10, 2019

Dutch Dredging is using many Teledyne Reson products integrated in its vessels dredging systems. This presentation focusses on Teledyne Reson products that mix effortlessly in existing dredging systems, but also on what it can offer in the...