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Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Studying Thwaites Glacier with a large diameter AUV

318 views December 01, 2020

Guest: Peter King, University of Tasmania​ In this fall series of podcasts, we introduce some of the winners and general entrants from the 2020 Teledyne Marine Photo Contest. Teledyne's annual Photo/ Data Contest concluded with over 80...

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Computing Discharge in Real Time using the Q-Track Automated Continuous Discharge Measurement System

443 views January 20, 2020

The Central Midwest Water Science Center has developed, installed, and operated an automatic system for computing discharge. The Q-Track system, as it is known, consists of a TRDI acoustic Doppler velocity meter (ADVM) attached to a carriage that...

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Measured Flow Disturbance Around Different ADCPs and Mounts

404 views January 21, 2020

NVE has mesured flow disturbance around various ADCPs and mounts/floats/trimarans to try to confirm or dispute previous studies by OSW, USGS. The background/reason for doing this is that after starting to use the OSW, USGS extrap/qrev software and...

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River sediment transport monitoring by means of H-ADCP.

1,304 views June 13, 2019

Monitoring stations in rivers and water courses are an important mean to obtain critical data about the different variables that play a role in the hydrodynamics and ecological processes. This is especially true during rough weather conditions...

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ADCP Data QA: Overview to Advanced (Oceanographic)

2,407 views February 12, 2019

Outline Overview of the ADCP Data Types Methodology for Data Reviewing: Key Data Quality IndicatorsReview of Example Data Sets from WH and Sentinel V ADCPs – Learn Data Displays: 2D Profiles, 2D Time Series, 3D Profiles, and 3D Time...

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Vessel Mounted ADCP: Installation Background, FAQ’s, and a case study of an OS38 in the South...

1,490 views February 12, 2019

Outline Go to: Vessel Mounted ADCP Requirements Go to: TRDI System Package Overview Go to: Example Vessels and Installations Go to: Block Diagram of ADCP Installations Go to: Do’s and Don’ts of ADCP Installation (Frequently Asked Questions) Go...

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An experience in using ADCP “Rio Grande 600 kHz” for investigations of the processes on the sea.

787 views November 10, 2018

During several expedition seasons, starting from 2003, TRD Instruments- Europe provided us with ADCP Workhouse “Rio Grander 600 kHz” gratuitously supporting our studies at shelves of Russian seas. The first studies showed that the instrument...

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Woods Hole Group’s (formerly Horizon Marine's) FAST Eddy Underway ADCP Survey Systems; Past,...

792 views August 07, 2018

Woods Hole Group Inc. (formerly Horizon Marine, Inc. (HMI)) provides oceanographic services specifically tailored to the offshore energy industry. Our services are designed to assist with planning safe and efficient operations to minimize costly...

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Monitoring Currents with ADCPs on Wave Gliders

694 views August 27, 2018

This presentation will discuss how ADCPs on Wave Gliders provide a viable and flexible way to get critical upper-ocean current data. ADCPs on Wave Gliders provide a more efficient way to get key oceanographic data. Operating unmanned vehicle is...

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Robots Talking to Robots: Using Acoustic Modems to Connect Ocean Systems

730 views August 24, 2018

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider has demonstrated great success as a host platform for acoustic modems. Numerous customer missions have employed these systems to provide seafloor to surface connectivity. In this presentation recent results will be...

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Hydroacoustics in the USGS - Twenty-five years of Innovation

802 views August 07, 2018

Acoustic instruments and methods for streamflow measurements first began to be integrated into the USGS streamgaging program in 1992, shortly after the TRDI Broadband Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) was released. Although these...

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Expanding Accurate and Efficient Use o f ADCP Data through the Development of Standards

1,077 views April 27, 2018

*Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government. The use of acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) for measuring streamflow and stream velocities has become...

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Seasonal to Decadal Variability in the Upper Ocean Scattering Layer in Drake Passage

1,178 views January 25, 2018

The surface shoaling of nutrient-rich waters poleward across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current is responsible for the elevated productivity of the Southern Ocean. Over the last half century, the Southern Ocean has been warming at a faster rate...

TMTW - Teledyne Marine Presentations

Teledyne Marine Defense & Security Overview - TMTW17

1,581 views November 10, 2017

Introduction to Teledyne Marine's Defense and Security solutions and capabilities, presented at TMTW17.

TMTW - Teledyne Marine Presentations

Teledyne Marine Oceanographic Research Overview - TMTW17

1,122 views November 13, 2017

Introduction to Teledyne Marine's Oceanographic Research technology and capabilities, presented at TMTW17.

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Measurements for site description and response of farmed fish and equipment in highly exposed...

1,127 views December 18, 2017

Abstract: The salmon farming industry in the Faroe Islands is currently utilizing some of the most exposed sites for aquaculture in the world. Up to now, waveheights of 5m Hsig and tidal currents 1m/s have been measured at the sites. To be...

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Advanced Techniques for Rapidly Mapping 3D Spatial Velocities for Tidal Turbine Placement

1,317 views January 02, 2018

Abstract: Join us as we uncover the first approved permanent Tidal Test Facility in the United States. RDI and WaterCube, LLC partnered up with the Marine Renewable Collaborative to participate in bringing together the latest technologies to...

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Use of Acoustic Techniques for the Determination of Net Sediment Transport and Design of Safe...

1,547 views December 02, 2017

Presenter: David Williams Australian Institute of Marine Science Abstract The Marine Supply Base channel in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory Australia provides access to berthing and loading at East Arm wharf for vessels that support the...

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Perspectives on the State of Ocean Science

1,716 views November 08, 2017

Keynote presentation by Margaret Leinen The value and role of ocean science and innovation increasingly has been the focus of both international and domestic forums on climate science, sustainability, and defense. Now in its second century of...

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The Next Great Odyssey of Human Endeavour Exploring the Deep Ocean

1,684 views November 08, 2017

Keynote presentation by Oliver Steeds Humankind is poised to make the next giant leap – into the deep ocean. We now have the technology available to us to discover more of our planet in the next 10 years than we have in the last 100,000....

Video white papers

TMTW 2015: NOAA’s Recent Field Testing of the Teledyne RDI Sentinel V ADCP

934 views April 28, 2017

NOAA’s Recent Field Testing of the Teledyne RDI Sentinel V ADCP Presenter: Nathan Holcomb NOAA The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) currently...

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TMTW 2015: Three Month Continuous Measurement of Waves off the West Coast of Ireland During the...

943 views April 27, 2017

Three Month Continuous Measurement of Waves off the West Coast of Ireland During the Winter of 2015 University College Dublin Presenter: Frederic Dias University College Dublin The WAVEMEASUREMENT project is linked to the ERC Advanced...